I use acupuncture for pain control, especially with neck, back and shoulder areas.

Angelic Healing
This is done by channelling and product specific therapy, using a
range of energy products for healing and balance of mind, body
and spirit.

Bush Flower Essences
The Australian Bush Flower essences can be blended to help
with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional problems.

Colour Breathing
Chakra balance in a delightful, relaxing,
balancing and energising session.

Crystal Therapy
Explore the magical, mystical energy of the
crystal kingdom with crystals or a heavenly
crystal reflexology session.

Tapping into ancient wisdom with a simple and
effective tool.

An integrated method of achieving balance
with a wide range of therapeutic
modalities working on multiple levels.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
May achieve freedom from anxiety, anger, fear
and other emotions that no longer serve you.
Effective Non-invasive Meridian Therapy.

Etheric – Energy Weaving
Clear, balance and energise – Etheric, subtle
energy bodies and the physical body.

Hopi Ear Candling
Perfect for sinus problems, headaches and relaxation.

Mantras And Meditation
Meditation and inner calm with mantras for health, wealth and

Metamorphic Technique
Can help clear pre-natal blocks and achieve your full
potential in a relaxed, calm and nurturing session.

Non-invasive Meridian Therapies
Colour, crystals, light and sound to help clear,
tone and balance meridians.

Pranic healing
Energy work which is ancient and effective
on all levels of being.

Quantum Touch
Healing on the deeper levels with this
wonderful therapy. Alignment of neck and
hips with the gentlest of touches.

A relaxing hands on healing with the
earth energy elemental ray.

A gentle healing using all four elemental rays
– unique to each individual.

ThetaDNA Healing
A wonderful healing session which helps
clear deep seated issues and resolve mental,
physical and emotional problems.

Vibrational Medicine
This is a uniquely individual experience
- a combination of colour / sound /
channelled energy healing from
the Ascended Masters.

Yantra Meditation
Exploring Sacred Geometry and personal energy mandalas.